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Year 2 - Solar System Parent Workshop

In Year 2, we are currently learning facts about our Solar System and we have also really enjoyed reading the book ‘Man on the Moon’ as our stimulus. We have been busy exploring gravity and air resistance, creating fact files about Sir Isaac Newton and writing our own creative stories.

Year 2 children were also keen to invite their family into class to participate in an art and craft activity based on our topic. The children thoroughly enjoyed developing their skills when creating their own collages, using: paint, oil pastels and card to represent the Solar System.


Year 1 - Toy Workshop

Class 1C have been learning about toys this term. We have been exploring toys from the past and new toys and looking at how they are similar and different. In science we have been investigating the materials toys are made from and thinking about the properties of those materials. Some children brought in some old toys from home. We invited parents and carers to come in and make toy cars, we are very happy with how they turned out despite the slight wheel issue!

Toy Workshop Toy Workshop

Year 2 - Parent Classroom Visit 

During the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd November our Year 2 children invited their family members to join them in class to take part in an aspect of their learning. The children were very excited to have their family join them for a fun afternoon of creative art and craft activities in preparation for the festive season. Throughout the afternoon Year 2 took great pride in demonstrating their teamwork skills and thoroughly enjoyed creating a range of decorations for our school environment.

Year 2 - Bread Making - Great Fire of London

In Year 2 we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. As part of this we decided to use a DT session one afternoon to taste a variety of different breads. We thought about how the bread looked, what it felt like and how it tasted. The following day in our English lesson we followed a set of instructions to make our own 17th Century bread which we then tasted.

Year 1 Forest School

Year one have been lucky enough to attend forest school again this year at Quex Park. We are going to be going for a total of six weeks and during our time there we will be learning through nature and engaging in practical activities to build on our teamwork skills. So far we have been making scrambled eggs on an open fire, going on bug hunts, making houses for animals and feeding the animals on the farm; including the ducks that were hatched in the reception classes last year!

Year 1 Harvest Assembly 2017

In Term 1 Year 1 were really busy getting ready for their Harvest Assembly. They had a wonderful time learning the story of The Little Red Hen. The children also learned to sing Oats and Beans and Barley Grow and I Can See Conkers. The children also had great fun baking bread. The children made some fantastic hats to wear for their performance. It was wonderful to see so many parents and family members come to watch the children perform. Thank you.



Year 2 Parents Reading Session

On Friday 6th October, we invited parents and carers of Year 2 pupils to a reading workshop. This session allowed parents and carers to gain a clearer understanding of how Phonics and Reading is taught at Garlinge, as well as how to best support this learning at home.

Please Click here for more information.

Phonics Workshop

To support your child with their phonics and reading development, please see the information on the following Powerpoint:

Phonics and Reading Powerpoint


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