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Lower Key Stage 2

Year 4 - Electricity - March 2024

Year 4 have been learning about electricity during Term 3 and 4. To bring this unit to a close, the children of 4A created circuits using bulbs and buzzers to make the Iron Man come to life! Have a look at some of the creative designs showcasing their amazing skills.

Year 4 - Stone Age - October 2023

This term in year 4 we have been learning about the Stone Age. The children had a fantastic time completing their own cave paintings which were inspired by our learning on what evidence we have for the Stone Age period. 

We then focused on learning different animals from the Stone Age, the children then made their own woolly mammoth using recycled materials. 

I’m sure you will agree that the children have all done an amazing job this term and we are extremely proud of the high quality of work they have produced.

Well done year 4!!!

Year 3 Trip to Wingham - May 2023

On Thursday 11 May, classes 3B and 3C enjoyed a fabulous trip to Wingham Wildlife Park. Thankfully, the weather was good to us and enabled us to thoroughly enjoy seeing all the animals and linking it to our topic on ‘Animals including Humans.’

We were fortunate to watch the zoo keepers taking the penguins for a walk around the park, which was lovely. Most of the animals were out on view so children were able to see them up close which was a real treat.

Year 3 were engaged and very well behaved. A true credit to Garlinge School.

Year 4 Coronation Celebrations - May 2023 

On Friday 5th May, year 4 enjoyed celebrating the coronation of King Charles III. We had great fun making flags and bunting and learning about the significance of the coronation. We also took part in an active maths lesson linked to kings and queens and it was fascinating to find out how long each king or queen reigned for. Luckily the sun shone in the afternoon and we enjoyed time together as a class, playing games and eating our delicious coronation themed biscuit.

Year 4 Activity Days 

Some of our year 4 children completed an activity week at school and they had a super, fun-filled 3 days! We started with an interesting watercolour workshop from the Turner Contemporary, where all the children behaved fantastically and demonstrated our Garlinge values. The children also enjoyed playing in an inflatable football pitch and participating in teamwork activities led by TSC, creating some lovely pieces of artwork and making a DELICIOUS fruit salad. We finished our busy week with a relaxing film afternoon and popcorn! 

Year 4 - Residential Trip to Kingswood - April 2023

Year 4 had the exciting opportunity to go on their first residential trip! The children got a bit muddy during Nightline and solved all sorts of problems! The competition at the Mini Olympics was off the charts! The children had so much fun and faced many fears, all of which were conquered! They designed and built their own shelters in the forest, (Mrs Scott was particularly proud of hers!), they lunged around with their foils during the fencing session, they stacked crates up to what felt like the sky and zipped away on the Quick Zip Line! They tried their hardest to beat the teachers in the quiz after buying snacks and souvenirs in the gift shop. It was an excellent trip building on independence, friendship, team work and confidence. Well done year 4.

Year 4 - Torches - March 2023

This week Year 4 have had an amazing time making their own torches as part of our electricity topic. The children worked in pairs to build an electrical circuit. They then designed and made their own torches. We were so proud of the children for demonstrating a range of scientific skills, especially problem solving. Well done to all our science superstars.

Year 4 Turner Contemporary Art Workshop - February 2023

Year 4 received a visit from Turner Contemporary on Monday who were raising awareness about the climate crisis and encouraging the children to take part in an upcoming project. The children enjoyed acting out different animals, working in groups to create sea creatures out of plastic waste and writing a poem together. They will have the opportunity to create a piece of artwork linked to the theme of ‘Rising’ for the Turner Contemporary portfolio and we look forward to seeing what wonderful artwork the children make for this.

Electricity - January 2023 

Year 4 have been learning about electricity this term. In preparation for our new topic the children completed their own research projects. They produced some wonderful projects which have supported them and their class with learning about electricity. We are excited to build our own electrical circuits and continue to investigate electricity.


4A - Torches 

4A have been busy lighting up the classroom with their handmade, working torches. This is the culmination of their learning on Electricity in science lessons. They had to use their knowledge of circuits to independently build a simple series circuit before incorporating it into their torch design. Children in 4A said: “This was such an exciting lesson, it was amazing to see that our torches actually worked!”

Garlinge strives to provide a creative approach to all their curriculum subjects, as well as promoting teamwork and problem-solving skills. Kirsty Beaumont, science coordinator for Garlinge Primary School & Nursery, said: “I think it is brilliant that 4A have had this opportunity to not only be creative, but incorporate and expand their scientific skills and knowledge.”



Year 3 - Christingle 

Year 3 had the opportunity to take part in a Christingle service. Part of this involved creating a Christingle, using sweets, ribbons and oranges! They also worked in their books to think about what each part represented.

Year 4 - Intra Competition 

Year 4 engaged in an exciting intra competition last week using the Speed Stacks. They had 1 minute to build and collapse as many 3, 6, 3 towers of cups as possible. All the year 4 children had a wonderful time, showing all 4 PART values throughout the afternoon. The results were close but Blue were victorious on this event. So, a massive congratulations to all those in the Blue team. The results class by class can be seen in the table and there are some pictures of the children having fun and demonstrating the school values

Year 3 Titanic Day 

On Tuesday 30th December Year 3 had a Titanic day to explore a new aspect of history. In maths we looked at the data from the lifeboats and created pictograms to show how people were loaded onto the lifeboat. In English, we looked at a timeline of events for the Titanic, retold the story and drew pictures to go with the different events. In the afternoon, we followed a drawing tutorial and created pictures of the Titanic. Year 3 really enjoyed their day. One child said, “I thought it was amazing as we got to draw the Titanic!” Another child said, “It was so interesting to learn about the history of the Titanic”  


Year 3 Active Maths

Year 3 have enjoyed taking part in a number of Active Maths activities across terms 1 and 2. We have used our mental arithmetic skills to solve a range of problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and addition. We enjoyed using a range of manipulatives, including giant place value counters and working as a team to help with some of the trickier questions. We are looking forward to continuing this in terms 3 and 4 so wrap up warm and don’t forget your coats!


Year 3 Science 

In term 1, Year 3 enjoyed investigating light and shadows. We observed how our shadows change in size depending on how close we are to a light source. We also used torches to test which materials blocked out light.

This term during Science we discovered that in order for objects to move, it needs a push or a pull force. We have enjoyed investigating which objects attract or repel to a magnet and the difference in magnet strength.


Year 4 Geography Topic - London

This term, Year 4 have been working really hard learning all about London as part of their term 2 geography topic. We have located London on a map of the UK, learnt about The River Thames and a range of famous buildings and landmarks and even planned some journeys using the London Underground map which was fun and challenging. We have been so engaged with this topic that many of us completed some fantastic homework projects which we have proudly displayed in our classrooms. Our lead text was ‘Katie in London’ by James Mayhew and the story inspired us with our writing this term. We wrote character descriptions, factfiles on famous buildings, persuasive adverts and our very own adventure stories based on our adventures around London.


Year 3 and 4 Winter Art Displays 

Year 3 and 4 have enjoyed making our corridor look magical for Christmas.  We have created art of animal silhouettes making paw prints in the snow in year 3.   In year 4 we have looked at the landmarks from our London topic and created sparkly frost silhouettes.  We used our collage and paint skills to create this art work.