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What is Inclusion?

What is Inclusion - Logo

Inclusion at Garlinge Primary School and Nursery
A place for everyone to succeed and thrive with inclusion at its heart

Garlinge Primary School and Nursery is a designated mainstream specialist provision for children with physical impairments. Our facilities include carefully designed care suites, a sensory and soft play area and disabled accessibility throughout the school. As an inclusive school we ensure that all children are catered for within the whole school community, with access to all areas of the curriculum, including breakfast and after school clubs.

It is recognised that many children will experience a time when they may have an additional need during their primary school experience, this may take the form of a learning and/or an emotional need. Depending upon the need a member of the inclusion team will assess and provide the necessary support to ensure that the child's needs are being addressed.

Provision for Additional Educational Needs

Children who experience difficulties in learning are given extra support under the direction of the school's SEND-Co. Learning support assistants work with individuals or small groups of children throughout the school under the guidance of the class teacher. The progress of the children in these groups is carefully monitored and individual targets are written and reviewed termly.

The school keeps a register of children with Special Educational Needs and /or disabilities (SEND). A child is placed on the SEND register if they require individualised support to meet their needs, this is decided in consultation with parents/carers and a letter is sent home to confirm this decision. Once a child is placed on the register their progress will be closely monitored and regular meetings occur with the class teacher and the parents/carers of the child, in these meetings it is discussed whether the child needs to remain on the SEND register or whether further additional support is needed, such as involvement from external agencies. The SEND-Co is available to support throughout this progress.

Should a parent/carer need advice or support please come and speak with one of our dedicated inclusion team members who will be happy to assist.