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Foundation Stage

Foundation Information

Garlinge Primary School - Foundation

In Nursery and Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. It identifies 7 areas for learning; three prime and four specific areas:

  • PSED - Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • PD - Physical Development
  • CL - Communication and Language
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • UW - Understanding the World
  • EAD - Expressive Arts and Design


Foundation Stage plan from the children's interests to help the individual child want to be keen to learn. We do have starting points for each term. These are Ourselves, Our Past, Traditional Tales, Animals and Literature through Theatre but we can, and often do, move away from these depending on the direction the children take us in.


The adults in Foundation Stage continually assess the children throughout the year. These take the form of long observations, short observations, photographic evidence and tasks the children may complete. From the assessments we ensure that the planning is being completed at a level that is appropriate to the individual child's stage of learning.

Relationships with parents

Parents are a fundamental part of the children's development. We send home scrapbooks to allow the parents to share experiences with us. The children can record visits or activities they have completed at home and then the children can share these experiences with the rest of the children in the class. We invite the parents to come and play alongside their children. We share the children's learning journey with the parents regularly through My Unique Story.

Reading and phonics

We teach daily synthetic phonics sessions looking at a different sound every day. We then apply this knowledge to word building and blending the sounds together to read and write words.


We begin to explore the basic skills required to develop mathematical skills throughout the children's education. We have daily maths sessions where we explore counting and applying number knowledge to mathematical problems. We also look at shapes and relate them to our surroundings looking at their properties.

Visitors & Visits

We invite many people to Foundation stage to come and share their experiences and to make the children's learning real. We have had an ambulance, fire engine, nurse and dentist to visit the children and discuss their role. We also plan Educational Visits to enhance and support the children's learning.

Rainbow Class

We offer 15 hour am and pm places (funded) and 30 hour places, each session has a maximum of 26 children in it. We also offer the option to purchase additional sessions and lunchtime supervision on a termly basis.

Supervised Lunch Club (lunch not provided) 11:45am – 12:30pm £3.00 per day.

Day 11.45 - 12.30
Monday 11.45 - 12.30
Tuesday 11.45 - 12.30
Wednesday 11.45 - 12.30
Thursday 11.45 - 12.30
Friday 11.45 - 12.30

Additional sessions (non-funded)

Day Session 1 (am) Cost Session 2 PM Cost
Monday 8.45 - 11.45 £15.00 12.30 - 3.30 £15.00
Tuesday 8.45 - 11.45 £15.00 12.30 - 3.30 £15.00
Wednesday 8.45 - 11.45 £15.00 12.30 - 3.30 £15.00
Thursday 8.45 - 11.45 £15.00 12.30 - 3.30 £15.00
Friday 8.45 - 11.45 £15.00 12.30 - 3.30 £15.00

We look forward to meeting you soon! Contact the school office to book an appointment to come and visit us.

Rainbow Class Rainbow Class Rainbow Class  


Reception has three classes with a recently redeveloped shared outside area to explore.

Reception Class
Reception Class Reception Class
Reception Class Reception Class

Reception Class Reception Class

Our classrooms are bright and vibrant and reflect the children's learning and interests.

Foundation News

Reception - Children in Need - November 2023

The Reception children enjoyed their day helping to raise money and learning all about Children in Need. They took part in different activities throughout the day and enjoyed drawing and colouring Pudsey Bear.

Nursery - Children in Need - November 2023

Pudsey Fever hit Nursery! 

Nursery - Anti-Bullying Week - November 2023

We talked about what makes a good friend, things we do to and with our friends and if they are kind or not so kind things to do. We wore odd socks and designed our own pairs of socks.

Reception - Anti-Bullying Week - November 2023

This week we have been participating in Anti-Bullying Week. We have identified what makes a good friend and how we can show kindness to others each day. We have made pictures of our friends and said why we like playing with them.

Reception - Season of Autumn - November 2023

In the Reception we have been looking at the season of Autumn. During the half term holiday we collected Autumn treasures which we brought into school and shared with our friends. We talked about what we found and thought of words to describe how they look, feel and sound. We used a blind fold to help us think of these words. 

Nursery - Autumn Days - November 2023

We used the words small, medium sized and big to describe the size of the pinecones. We also ordered them from smallest to biggest.

We used our small motor skills to create spooky spiders and a web for them to live in.

We have learnt about Remembrance Day, creating some poppy artwork. We know that poppies were the only flowers that grew in the trenches.      

Nursery - Heavy and Light - November 2023

We have been learning how to use balance scales to find out which objects are heavy and which objects are light. 

Reception - Non-Uniform - October 2023

The children came to school in non-uniform for Bags2School.

Nursery - Sorting - October 2023

We have been sorting objects this week into different groups. Miss Kemp’s buttons were in a big muddle and we helped her to sort them into colour groups. Some of us sorted them into groups of different shapes too.

Nursery - Patterns - October 2023

Rainbow Class are learning all about patterns – we played a matching game in the garden and created patterns using compare bears.

Reception - Repeating Patterns - October 2023

This week Reception have been exploring repeating patterns. We have used a range of objects to help us create and finish new and fun patterns. We have also used music to help us develop our listening skills.


Nursery - Our First Week - September 2023

We have been exploring our new environment – inside and outside! We are looking forward to learning more as the weeks go by!

Reception - Making Christmas Cards - September 2023

Christmas in September! This year we are completing Christmas cards through Cauliflower cards. To allow enough time for cards to be printed we got started on our designs nice and early this week. This year Reception are creating reindeer cards using hand prints. We think they look very effective and we had so much fun getting messy making these!

Reception - Matching Patterns - September 2023

This week the children in reception have been learning to match patterns on socks and talking about their favourite things – toys, food, places and animals. They have also been enjoying making friends and playing together.


Reception - Our First Week - September 2023

We have had an amazing start to Reception. We have learnt the rules, made new friends and had an amazing time exploring the environment!

Reception - Forest School - June 2023 

The reception children are still having lots of fun at Forest School. This week they learnt about fire safety and then they carefully toasted marshmallows on the fire.  


Reception - Learning how to Share - June 2023

This week we have been exploring more sharing. We shared out teddy bears between our friends to find equal amounts. We then had to help the teddy bears in our books to eat their snacks! We practised our careful counting and worked hard to write our numbers afterwards.

Reception Forest School - Week 2 -June 2023

Our second week of Forest School brought us animal dens, tree identification and the art of Hapa Zome.

First up, it was the animal dens! We talked about the different animals that might live in the forest and then thought about where they would live. We then recreated their homes and had to really think about how we would keep them safe.

We set off exploring the forest and the flora. We looked closely at the leaves to help identify the different types of trees that were surrounding us. Some of them felt prickly, so we had to be careful! We learnt that this was to keep the tree safe from things low on the ground that might want to eat them.

We then explored measuring the trees to see how old they might be. Some of them were very old!

We then set about seeing if we could identify the different trees by feel alone. We paired up and took turns being blindfolded. We had to trust our partners to lead us to a tree that we could feel. We then took off our blindfolds and used our sense of touch to see if we could find that tree again. 

Next, it was onto Hapa Zome! We used different leaves, flowers and petals to create art. This was our first experience of using tools at Forest School. We used a hammer to bash the leaves and flowerse between material causing the juices to come out and stain our material. We then turned them into flags to take home. They looked fantastic! 

We can’t wait to see what is in store for us next week! 

Reception Forest School - June 2023

This week Reception enjoyed their first session at Forest School. We had so much fun exploring the our new outdoor learning environment!

Nursery - Coronation Celebration - May 2023 

We joined in with the whole school celebration for King Charles – we went out on to the playground with Reception, Year 1 and 2, played some games and ate a special biscuit and had a drink. 

We also painted pictures of King Charles and made Union Jack flags to wave. 

Reception Sports Day - May 2023

The reception children had lots of fun competing in races on their sports day.

Nursery Sports Day - May 2023

We had a brilliant time at our Sports Day – we did running races, dribbled a football race, balanced a beanbag on a bat race and also seeing if we could throw a beanbag into a hoop race! Thank you to all the PE department for their help!

Reception - Exploring Subtractions 

This week we have been exploring subtraction. We have been using the story, ‘The Tadpole’s Promise’ to use frogs to subtract. The children have enjoyed using a range of manipulates and playing games.

Reception - Kings Coronation - May 2023

Last week we celebrated the coronation of King Charles III. We made flags and crowns to wear at our coronation party where we played games, ate coronation biscuits and even had a visit from Gala and King Charles himself!

Reception - The Hungry Caterpillar 

We have had a brilliant start back to school! This term we are looking at life cycles and have been reading the story ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. We have then designed our own butterfly wings with paint. and exploring their new bug investigation role play area and look after their new caterpillar. It was a lot of fun!


Nursery - Science Week - March 2023

We had great fun exploring different science experiments – we planted cress seeds and watched them grow, made rainbows using felt pens and kitchen roll and made milk dance!

We watched a fantastic science show – we loved seeing balloons exploding! 

Miss Kemp showed us a very exciting experiment involving vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, this one went everywhere!! 

Nursery - Little Seaside Town Visit - March 2023 

We loved our visit to Little Seaside Town – it was amazing! There are so many different role play set ups – we pretended to be Chefs, Fire Fighters, Actors and Shop Workers!



Reception - Science Week - March 2023 

Reception have had lots of fun during science week. On Friday their parents came into school to explore some science activities. Miss Smith began the session with an irrupting volcano. This was followed by Miss Bailey introducing our jar of cream experiment, everyone took turns to shake the jar of cream to see if we could turn it into butter.  The children, with support from their parents,  cut out hands and added string and straws to see if they could move the fingers. Lots of fun was had using salt and warm water to melt the ice balls to release the creatures from within. Finally, the children explored how to use a balloon to move the tissue paper wings on their butterflies.

Ducks - March 2023

Last week we had a special delivery of 5 eggs! They already had cracks in them so we were eager for them to hatch. 

We spoke about the rules we needed to follow so that we could keep them safe and then completed some amazing writing about what we thought would hatch from the eggs. The ideas ranged from chicks and hedgehogs to dinosaurs and duck-billed platypuses!

Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long as on the very day they were delivered we had two hatchlings!

Can you see what they are?

We left them to dry off overnight and by the next morning all of the eggs had hatched. It was a big fluffy mess in the incubator.

The ducklings were transferred to their new home and shown where their food and water was. It was not long before they were sound asleep under their brooder. It takes a lot of effort to hatch out of an egg.

They had a little run around on our carpets and we each got to say ‘hello’ and at the weekend they had their first swim in Miss Stannard’s Nan’s bath! 

Each day they had a swim with a different class, and we now have some very big ducklings! We talked about the changes we could see and how much they had grown.

The weekend came around again and they had lots of bath times! Look how big they have gotten! We learnt that they grow 6-7 times their birth weight in 2 weeks, and it takes humans 7 years to do that!

At the end of this term they will be going to their forever home and will meet some new duck friends. We will receive pictures as they grow and are hoping for a visit when they are much bigger.

Reception - Visit from Margate Fire Station - March 2023

This week Reception had a visit from Margate fire station. They brought their fire engine with them and we got to explore all of the special clothing and tools that they use. We even got to hear the siren and spray the hose!

Nursery - Easter Workshop - March 2023

We had lots of fun with our grown-ups! We made fluffy rabbits, dotty eggs, collaged eggs and chicks with feathers!

We enjoyed listening to Brenda’s Boring Egg and a new story about different animals helping the Easter Bunny to save Easter!

Reception - 3D Shapes 

This week the children in reception have been learning all about 3D shapes. They have been learning the names and properties of the different shapes. The children have been engaged in lots of different activities, including a 3D shape hunt around the school, colouring 3D shapes and the Mystery Bag shape game.

Reception - RNL Visit 

This term we are learning about people who help us. This week we had a visit from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. We learnt all about how they help keep us safe at the beach. We got to see all their different flags as well as try on their gear.

Nursery RNLI Visit 

Vanessa came to talk to us about how to stay safe when we are at the Beach. She told us what all the flags mean, red means Danger! No swimming, the yellow and red flags are where we can swim and the black and white flags are where you can have surfboards. We loved wearing the Lifeguard’s uniform. She also told us about the Lifeboat Men and Women who will come to help us if we are in a difficult situation in the water. We learnt that 999 is the special number to call for help.

Reception - Spring 2023

It is nearly Spring time! We went on a walk to see what we could find. We had a great time spotting birds, finding flowers and looking at seeds growing. Using the things we saw we will be creating a beautiful Spring picture.

Nursery - Police Visit - February 2023

As you know, this term we have being exploring People Who Help Us and were lucky to get a visit from a lifeguard. This week we had a visit from two police officers! They talked to us about their jobs and the things they do to keep us safe. They let us dress up in their uniforms and we got to sit in the police car! 

Afterwards they put on the lights and siren for us to listen to! It was a great morning!

Special thanks to Miss Kemp for organising it for us 😊

Nursery - Shrove Tuesday - February 2023

We found out about the celebration of Lent and on Shrove Tuesday we enjoyed choosing toppings for our pancakes. We also made pancakes from playdough that smelt of golden syrup!

Reception - Jack and the Beanstalk - February 2023

This week we have continued our learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been looking at height and length, building castles and planting our own beans to take home at the end of the week.

Reception - Gingerbread Man - February 2023

Last week introduced us to the story of the Gingerbread Man. We learnt about his adventures and his unfortunate end.

This week we continued to explore the story and had such an amazing week doing so!

We started off the week with a map sent to us (from whom I wonder?!) and we used our recently learnt map skills to follow the paths along the map around the school. We found different characters from the story along the way, all of which led us to our main character – the Gingerbread Man!

Waiting for us at the spot where we found the Gingerbread Man was a chest full of gold coins. We each took a gold coin and later we found that the contents of the chest had been replaced with none other than real edible gingerbread men! We traded our gold coins for one of the tasty treats.

We also received a letter from the Gingerbread Man asking for our help to get him across the river. He asked us to make him something that would help him to travel safely across it. We immediately got to work creating wonderful boats made from a variety of different materials. We put them to the test, exploring why some boats were more effective than others.

Many of our boats led to a wet, soggy Gingerbread Man!

At the end of the week, we explored changes through cooking! We mixed up some dough, rolled it out and cut out our very own Gingerbread Men which we then decorated and took home. Don’t they look fabulous! 

Nursery - Traditional Tales - February 2023

This term we have been reading lots of traditional tales – Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Hansel and Gretel. We made story boards to help us remember the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

When we read Goldilocks And The Three Bears we made porridge for Goldilocks so she didn’t need to steal the Bears porridge. Some of us liked the porridge, some of us most certainly didn’t!

We helped Hansel and Gretel to create a path to get home, we used our pinchy fingers to squeeze the tweezers together and hold the stones.


Reception - Combing Two Amounts - January 2023

This week in Reception we have been combing two amounts. We’ve used cubes and number lines to help us count carefully. We also used whiteboards to practise writing numbers & to write number sentences!

Reception - Traditional Tales - January 2023 

This term our topic is Traditional Tales and we’ve already made a brilliant start! We’ve read the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ this week and had a lot of fun counting out the amount of food she needs to take to Grandma’s house. We made bridges to help the Goats cross the river and stay safe away from the Grumpy Troll!


Reception - Little Wandle - January  2023

The children in reception have been having lots of fun hunting for the Little Wandle tricky words in the snow.

Nursery Stay and Play Session - Winter 2023


Reception - Fine Motor Skills - January 2023

This week we have been develop our fine motor skills by participating in a range of engaging and fun activities.

Reception - Christmas Party Day - December 2022 

We have had a fantastic week being festive. We’ve had lots of fun having our adults join us for crafts and also throwing a party

Reception - Christmas Cards - December 2022

This week we have been making Christmas cards. We used a range of materials to make a snowman card and then wrote inside them using our best handwriting.

Nursery - Winter Displays - November 2022 

We have been talking about the colours and the texture of the materials we used to create our Winter collage. We also used cellophane to create stars to go on the Nursery hoop which is on display in the KS2 hall. Our garland of Christmas stockings is on display for all to see in the KS1 hall. We are looking forward to inviting our grown ups in soon to have Christmas fun with them!


Reception - World Cup - November 2022

This week we have enjoyed watching the football. We looked at different countries and their flags. We then designed our own flags with paint. We also scored goals and added ‘one more’ to our numbers.

Nursery - Children in Need - November 2022 

Pudsey Fever hit Nursery – we enjoyed wearing Miss Kemp’s Pudsey ears and helping to create a new bandana for Pudsey when he lost his spotty one!

Reception - Children in Need - November 2022 

The children in Reception have been learning about Children in Need, they wore their own clothes or clothes with spots on and had lots of fun creating Pudsey Bear in different ways.

Nursery - Anti Bullying Week - November 2022

We talked about what makes a good friend, things we do to and with our friends and if they are kind or not so kind things to do. We wore odd socks and designed our own pairs of socks.

Reception - We're Going on a Shape Hunt - October 2022 

In Reception this week we’ve been learning all about 2D shapes including circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. We went on a shape hunt around the school environment, made shape poppies, drew shapes with chalk and used materials in the builders yard to make giant shapes!

Reception - Autumn Treasures - October 2022 

What a great first week back! We had so many Autumn Treasures brought into school and we spent the morning exploring them with all of our senses (except taste!)

The leaves were a mixture of browns, reds, oranges and yellows and felt crunchy; the conkers were brown and hard; the conker shells were spikey and prickly (we had to be careful!); and the pinecones were brown and very big! We used lots of describing words to talk about the season of Autumn. 

We decided to use them to help us with our maths as well! We explored representing amounts and practised counting out the correct amounts to match our numerals. 

Nursery - King Charles III - September 2022 

On 8th September 2022 Queen Elizabeth II died and her son Charles was made King Charles III. We made crowns for the new King.