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PE and Sports

At Garlinge Primary we are able to offer our pupils 2 hours of PE. Physical education provides a unique learning opportunity. It develops pupils' physical competence and confidence through physical activity. It promotes pupils' understanding of physical development and their body in action. Physical education provides the skills for pupils to use their body efficiently and promotes the importance of active, fit and healthy lifestyles. Pupils learn to think creatively and to work both individually and collectively to make decisions and solve problems. Physical education experienced in a safe and supportive environment using a variety of teaching and learning styles makes an important contribution to a pupil's physical and emotional wellbeing. We aim to make all pupils physically literate.


Garlinge Primary School and Nursery aims to teach pupils to become physically educated by giving them opportunities to:

  • Explore, acquire and develop physical and cognitive skills and competencies.
  • Select and apply their skills, tactics and compositional ideas in a variety of physical contexts.
  • Analyse and evaluate their own and others performance to lead to improvement both in physical and cognitive abilities.
  • Develop their understanding of the importance of physical activity and a fit and healthy lifestyle.
  • Develop problem solving skills and interpersonal skills, which will have much wider application.
  • Develop, recognise and ensure safe practice.
  • Develop positive attitudes.
  • Allows pupils to experience competition.
  • Allows pupils to pursue excellence.

At KS1 pupils are taught the fundamentals movement skills, dance, gymnastics and a range of games skills.

At KS2 pupils are taught OAA, athletics, dance, gymnastics and a wide range of games. Currently pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 have swimming lessons at a local leisure centre as part of a rolling program including ‘Top up’ swimming sessions.

Principles of Learning, Teaching & Inclusion

Setting Suitable Learning Challenges

  • Aim to give every pupil the opportunity to experience success in learning and to achieve high standards.
  • Take a flexible approach taking into account any gaps of learning and to meet individual needs.

Responding to Pupils Diverse Learning Needs

  • Teachers set high expectations and provide all pupils with opportunities to achieve.
  • Teachers are aware that pupils bring with them a range of experiences and take these into account when planning the curriculum.

Overcoming Potential Barriers to Learning

In PE the barriers to learning can range from physical capabilities to issues around changing, difficulties with language and comprehension or attitude and expectation. Things might act as barriers to a few or many pupils and will be addressed through planning and differentiation.

Equal Opportunities

Pupils are given equal opportunities to access, take part in and succeed in physical education and sport. All pupils regardless of race, culture, gender, physical activity or learning disability, social origins or physical stature are entitled to be included and achieve. Every pupil has an entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum, equal curriculum time, access to extra curricular activities and use of resources and facilities. The school's policy is to enable all pupils to experience success. Sensitive and informed grouping of pupils, for example, mentor, ability, social and random groupings will ensure all pupils will contribute, be actively and physically involved and be challenged appropriately. Resources and facilities will also support children's age, stage and ability.

Additional Educational Needs

Pupils with additional educational needs are entitled to the same access to physical education and sport as their peers. In planning lessons teachers identify challenges for all pupils, modifying and adapting the task and/or equipment to include all pupils. Additional support is given where it is needed and liaison with the Inclusion Leader will be sought. For pupils whose attainment is below the expected levels at the key stage a greater degree of differentiation will be necessary and the programme will provide the context and a resource for planning learning that is appropriate to the requirements of the pupil.

We offer an inclusive after school club where the children can experience a range of activities.

Key Skills

PE and School Sport offers additional dimension to the whole school curriculum and the wider life of the school. PE has particular links with personal, social, health and citizenship education and key skills (including literacy, numeracy, ICT, language and communication skills and working with others). Fundamentals/Real PE will be taught in KS1. The dance and gymnastic elements of the physical education curriculum will also enhance and enrich, complement and intensify experiences within the arts curriculum and across the school. Teachers will give pupils the opportunity to make the connections and develop these key skills through their work in PE.

Sport at Garlinge Primary School and Nursery

We have an extensive inter sport programme giving the children plenty of opportunities to compete with other schools. We are part of the Thanet passport offering friendly school festivals and also Kent School games qualifiers. All our pupils take part in an annual inter house sports day on our large playing field.