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Garlinge Primary School and Nursery, Westfield Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 5PA


Executive Headteacher
Executive HeadteacherMr J Williams
Heads of School
Head of SchoolMr S CopeAssessment
Head of SchoolMrs A NorthropInclusion
Assistant Headteachers / Department Leaders
Assistant HeadteacherMrs K WaswayKey Stage 1
Assistant HeadteacherMrs A GoodeLower Key Stage 2
Assistant HeadteacherMrs D PegdenUpper Key Stage 2
Assistant HeadteacherMrs S BondSENDCo
Assistant HeadteacherMr R BentleyFoundation
Foundation Stage
Nursery TeacherMiss L KempNurseryPMFL
Reception TeacherMiss K BarlowRALearning Outside the Classroom
Reception TeacherMiss C StannardRBEco-Schools/D&T/Computing
Reception TeacherMr R BentleyRCFoundation AHT
Key Stage 1
Year 1 TeacherMr N Piper1AComputing/School Council/Student Teacher Mentor
Year 1 TeacherMr R Johnson1BEducational Visits Co-ordinator/D&T
Year 1 TeacherMiss A Mutton1CEco-Schools/Music
Year 1 TeacherMrs T Demetriou1DEnglish
Year 1 TeacherMrs C Pointer1DWellbeing Champion
Year 2 TeacherMrs K Wasway2AKS1 AHT
Year 2 TeacherMiss K Beaumont2BScience/Student Teacher Mentor
Year 2 TeacherMrs E Warr2CMaths/Student Teacher Mentor
Year 2 TeacherMrs D Cope2CPSHCE
Year 2 TeacherMrs L Keegan2DHealthy Schools/Educational Visits/Science
Lower Key Stage 2
Year 3 TeacherMiss R Setchfield3AHistory
Year 3 TeacherMrs L Moore3BMusic
Year 3 TeacherMs W Bridgeman3C
Year 3 TeacherMiss M Rowden3DMaths
Year 4 TeacherMiss N Subramaniam4ALearning Outside the Classroom/Student Teacher Mentor
Year 4 TeacherMrs C Flynn4BRE
Year 4 TeacherMrs A Goode4CLKS2 AHT
Year 3 TeacherMr B Barnes3B
Year 4 TeacherMiss D Bobbett4DDance/Drama/Gifted& Talented/Wellbeing
Upper Key Stage 2
Year 5 Teacher Mrs E Greenfield5AHistory
Year 5 TeacherMiss C Hatcher5BPMFL
Year 5 TeacherMiss K Hawtin5CGeography
Year 5 TeacherMiss J Keohane5DPSHCE/Student Teacher Mentor
Year 6 TeacherMrs D Pegden6AUKS2 AHT
Year 6 TeacherMiss T Jenkins6BArt & Design
Year 6 TeacherMr A Shepherd6CRE/English
Year 6 TeacherMr I Millership6DEnglish/Assessment/Student Teacher Mentor
Other Teaching Staff
Sports CoordinatorMrs L SparkesPE & Sports/Healthy Schools
TeacherMrs A FairbrotherSRP Lead Teacher
TeacherMr A CowanPPA/Music/RRSA
Additional SENDCoMrs L Moore
Family Liaison OfficerMrs A Gillatt
Inclusion AssistantMs M Austen
Inclusion AssistantMrs S Ayling
Inclusion LeaderMrs A Northrop
Learning MentorMrs J Lotter
Safeguarding Admin AssistantMrs S van Vuuren
Safeguarding OfficerMrs S Mansfield
SENDCoMrs S Bond
Welfare OfficerMrs J Melloy
Education Support Staff
Casual Relief Teaching AssistantMrs S Mulhall
Music TutorMrs S Cook
S&L Teaching AssistantMiss S Illingworth
PE & School Sport SpecialistMiss J Bailey
PE & School Sport SpecialistMr J Hearn
Teaching AssistantMiss S Atkins6C
Teaching AssistantMiss L Wallis1A
Teaching AssistantMiss K BaileyRB
Teaching AssistantMrs W Bartlett-SmithRB
Teaching AssistantMrs L Barton2C
Teaching AssistantMiss L BesperatRA
Teaching AssistantMrs W Broad4C
Teaching AssistantMrs N Campbell2D
Teaching AssistantMrs S Channing1C
Teaching AssistantMr B Clarke4A
PE & Sports Teaching AssistantMiss S Clayton
Teaching AssistantMrs S Cole1D
Teaching AssistantMs S Coleman6D
Teaching AssistantMrs K Cooke5D
Teaching AssistantMrs L DaviesRA
Teaching AssistantMrs K Dearnley6D
Teaching AssistantMrs E Evans
Teaching AssistantMiss F Fendt3C
Teaching AssistantMrs N Goodman2C
Teaching AssistantMrs V GreenstreetNursery
Teaching AssistantMiss S Gregg1D
Teaching AssistantMiss L Georgiou2A
Teaching AssistantMiss S Hallam5B
Teaching AssistantMiss E Hayes5C
Teaching AssistantMrs C Hirst2B
Teaching AssistantMrs S Hotson3C
Teaching AssistantMiss T Hudson6D
Teaching AssistantMrs G Kaye5B
Teaching AssistantMiss A Keefe5A
Teaching AssistantMrs C Keeler4B
Teaching AssistantMr K Lambert3B
Teaching AssistantMiss V Mann
Teaching AssistantMiss L MarshallRC
Teaching AssistantMrs K Moore2B
Teaching AssistantMiss C Newing4A
Teaching AssistantMrs L O Conor1D
Teaching AssistantMrs K Papageorghiou1A
Teaching AssistantMrs S ParkerRB
Teaching AssistantMrs C Pataky1A
Teaching AssistantMrs N Petzendorfer3B
Teaching AssistantMrs L Pulman1C
Teaching AssistantMrs C Ray6A
Teaching AssistantMrs L Axford3C
Teaching AssistantMrs M Robinson-Daugirda3C
Teaching AssistantMiss S Avery6B
Teaching AssistantMrs C Scott1C
Teaching AssistantMrs R Scott5D
Teaching AssistantMrs K Skelton4C
Teaching AssistantMiss E SmithRC
Teaching AssistantMiss E Smith1A
Teaching AssistantMrs S Smith3D
Teaching AssistantMiss L StairsNursery
Teaching AssistantMiss C Stanley4B
Teaching AssistantMs E Taylor3B
Teaching AssistantMiss L Taylor1B
Teaching AssistantMrs L Taylor3C
Teaching AssistantMiss E Miles2B
Teaching AssistantMiss K Tomlinson1A
Teaching AssistantMrs L Uburgs3A
Teaching AssistantMrs J Unthank4D
Teaching AssistantMiss K Verrall2C
Teaching AssistantMrs S Watson3D
Teaching AssistantMrs C Weatherley2B
Teaching AssistantMiss J Weatherley2A
Teaching AssistantMiss A Whelan5B
Teaching AssistantMrs C White5D
Teaching AssistantMrs C Wigington6B
Teaching AssistantMrs C Wilson6A
Teaching AssistantMiss C Daines6B
Teaching AssistantMiss S DignamRA
Teaching AssistantMrs K Moore1B
Teaching AssistantMrs S Oliver5C
Teaching AssistantMiss V Rolfe6B
Extended Services
Breakfast Club AssistantMrs L Barton
Breakfast Club AssistantMrs S Cole
Breakfast Club AssistantMs S Coleman
Breakfast Club AssistantMrs R Davies
Breakfast Club AssistantMiss F Fendt
Breakfast Club AssistantMiss S Illingworth
Breakfast Club AssistantMrs S Nicklen
Breakfast Club AssistantMrs N Petzendorfer
Breakfast Club AssistantMrs C Ray
Breakfast Club AssistantMrs L Taylor
Breakfast Club AssistantMrs J Unthank
Breakfast Club SupervisorMrs R Scott
Casual Breakfast Club AssistantMiss S Atkins
Casual Breakfast Club AssistantMis S Clayton
Casual Breakfast Club AssistantMiss E Hayes
Casual Breakfast Club AssistantMrs K Papageorghiou
Casual Teatime Club AssistantMiss S Clayton
Casual Teatime Club AssistantMrs K Cooke
Casual Teatime Club AssistantMiss S Hallam
Casual Teatime Club AssistantMrs L Taylor
Teatime Club AssistantMs S Coleman
Teatime Club AssistantMiss F Fendt
Teatime Club AssistantMiss N Reuter
Teatime Club AssistantMrs S Smith
Teatime Club SupervisorMrs L Barton
Midday Meals Supervisors
Mrs S Bolton
Mrs M Cocks
Mrs D Court
Mrs R Davies
Mrs A Hibbert
Mrs J Jackson
Mrs S Mann
Mrs C Martin
Mrs R Mason
Miss S McDonnell
Miss N Morgan
Mrs C Nichol
Mrs S Nicklen
Mrs T Rhodes
Mrs J Scales
Mrs S Simmons
Mrs M Titcombe
Miss B Twyman
Mr E Watt-Ruffell
Administrative Staff
Admissions OfficerMrs S Brazier
Business ManagerMrs L Newing
Business Support OfficerMiss L Tanner
Extended Services Co-ordinatorMrs V Verrall
Finance OfficerMrs B Jevons
HR AssistantMrs E Love-Court
HR AssistantMiss K Mills
HR OfficerMrs C Ashby
PA to the HeadteacherMrs P Bishop
ReceptionistMrs J Musselwhite
ReceptionistMiss E Wojciechowska
Reprographics ClerkMiss D Davies
Premises Staff
Facilities ManagerMr G Lotter
CaretakerMr G Ternent
CaretakerMr S Nichol
CleanerMrs W Coleman
CleanerMr D Grant
CleanerMrs J Jackson
CleanerMs A Marks
Cleaner Mr G Newton
CleanerMrs J Ringsell
CleanerMiss P Sharratt
CleanerMr D Simpson
CleanerMr A Sladden
GroundsmanMr E Watt-Ruffell
Road Crossing Patrol
Road Crossing PatrolMiss K Solomons
Road Crossing PatrolMr E Watt-Ruffell

The school does not employee anyone whose gross salary exceeds £100k