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01843 221877

Garlinge Primary School and Nursery, Westfield Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 5PA

Welfare Officer

Mrs M Palmer - Welfare Officer

Mrs J Melloy is the Welfare Officer at Garlinge Primary School and Nursery and assists with the support of pupils with their medical and welfare needs.

The school medical room is staffed daily and we have an extensive team of qualified first aiders.

If you have any concerns regarding the wellbeing of your child contact Mrs Melloy on 01843 221877 (option 2) who will be more than willing to meet with you to discuss your concerns.

Medical Matters

If your child is not well enough to attend school please report the absence before 09:30. You can leave a message with the school secretary by ring 01843 221877 and pressing option 1.

Always notify the school immediately of any change to your contact details in case of emergency.

If your child has a medical condition a Care Plan will need to be put in place. The purpose of a care plan is to ensure we can meet your child's medical needs whilst they are in attendance at school.

All children with medical conditions are identified to relevant staff and class teachers are provided with a copy of any Care Plans.

Only medication that is prescribed by a GP can be administered by a member of staff. A Request to Administer Medication form will need to be completed. Please ensure you do not bring in any medication to school that is not prescribed by a GP. For more information please see our Administration of Medicines Policy.

Medical Appointments

When it not possible to make a medical appointment outside of school hours, please inform the school office in advance and provide evidence of the appointment. When you collect or return your child to/from school you will be required to sign him/her In or Out in the relevant folders outside the school office in the main entrance.

Additional Information

For children who have "accidents" in school, please complete and return to the school office.

Useful Information

If you require further advice or information, please click on one of the relevant links below: