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Garlinge Primary School and Nursery, Westfield Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 5PA


The Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship aspects of school life contribute to the development of a child's individual identity and sense of self-esteem, and to their emotional maturity and readiness to learn.

At Garlinge we seek to prepare each child to play a valuable and active role in society, and prepare them for the opportunities, challenges, experiences and responsibilities of adult life.

PSHE lessons involve a high level of interaction, where each pupil has planned opportunities for learning through:

  • The development of a trusting relationship between the teacher and the pupils enabling the consideration of sensitive issues to take place
  • Collaborative work
  • Circle time activities
  • Opportunities for reflection
  • Respect for each genuinely made contribution
  • Negotiation
  • Philosophical enquiry

Kapow Primary’s RSE/PSHE scheme of work covers the Relationships and Health Education statutory guidance (as set out by the Department for Education), including the non-statutory sex education. The scheme also promotes the four fundamental British values which reflect life in modern Britain: Democracy; Rule of Law; Respect & Tolerance and Individual Liberty.


Garlinge Primary School and Nursery follow the Kapow Primary scheme which offers a whole school approach consisting of five areas of learning:

  • Family and relationships 
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Safety and the changing body
  • Citizenship
  • Economic wellbeing

Each area is revisited every year to allow children to build on prior learning and the lessons provide a progressive programme. Relationship and sex education has been included in line with the DfE recommendations and is covered in Year 6 of the scheme. 

RSE (Relationships and Sex Education)

We believe that pupils should be given the opportunity to access a curriculum which prepares them for the changes that adolescence brings. We are choosing to provide our pupils with a sensitive, age-appropriate curriculum which includes the components of Relationship Sex Education. 

Our aims:

  • To prepare pupils for the changes that occur to their bodies, minds and emotions as a consequence of growth from childhood to adulthood.
  • To help support young people through spiritual, physical, emotional and moral development.
  • To work in partnership with parents, families and the wider community to promote positive relationships and provide effective support for young people. 

At Garlinge Primary School and Nursery, we will teach the Sex Education components of RSE during our PSHE lessons (taught in term 6). Please see our detailed long-term plan below which includes the content we plan to deliver in RSE.

RSE is non-statutory and parents have the right to withdraw their child from RSE.  Please contact the school office should this be a preference.

The PSHE including RSE lead for school is Miss J Keohane. 

We are now using the KAPOW Scheme, please click here to see the schemes of work for each year group.

Please Click Here for RSE Guidance for Parents.

Please Click Here for the Long Term Plan for PSHE/RSE.

Miss J Keohane PSHE and RSE subject leader

Shooting Stars - April 2024

All year groups were lucky to have a visit from Captain Wonder-web & the Esteem Machine on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th April 2024.

Theatre company Shooting Stars have been commissioned by the NHS to provide a Mental Health show to schools across Kent and Medway.

The show aims to empower children to develop strong minds and nurture positive self-esteem.

The children all thoroughly enjoyed the show and have enjoyed using their Cyber Sanctioned Resilience Builders (wallcharts) and dancing to Captain Wonder-webs music video.

Make a Noise About Bullying Week - November 2023

This week at Garlinge Primary and Nursery School, all years have enjoyed learning about Anti-Bullying through a variety of activities.

These activities have included KS1 and 2 Anti-Bullying assemblies, ‘Odd Socks’ Day to celebrate our diverse school community, PSHE lessons, class discussions, circle time and an Anti-Bullying poster competition.

Examples of our pupils Anti-Bullying posters.

Anti-bullying Week 2023 - Parent Pack

Please click here for the parent information pack for Anti-Bullying Week.

Mental Heath Awareness Week 2023

All pupils have participated in Mental Health Awareness assemblies and class activities this week. They have learnt about the importance of keeping a healthy body and mind and discussed activities that they can enjoy and participate in to do this.

During the week, Garlinge pupils have particularly focussed on the ‘Power of Play’ and how play can be so important for a healthy mind and body. In class, children have shared play activities that they enjoy and on Friday afternoon every class enjoyed a ‘golden play’ session, where they had fun participating in their chosen play activities, both in class and in our outside areas.

Anti Bullying Week- November 2022

All classes participated in a variety of Anti-bullying activities including an 'Odd-socks' day and a class assembly. Children also created posters and designed their own Anti-bullying sock.

Well-being Workshops - March 2023

We were delighted this week to host a series of well-being workshops for all classes in Year 1 to Year 6. These were enjoyed by all and were a fantastic opportunity for pupils to actively learn well-being methods and mindfulness. 
The sessions were facilitated by ‘Open view education’, specialists in well-being. Every class had the opportunity to practice a variety of personal and team mindfulness activities which were thoroughly enjoyed by children and class adults alike. The workshops in KS1 included drama, performance, puppetry and storytelling. In KS2, children learnt simple self-care techniques, helping them to build resilience and boost their well-being. 
The Year One team said, “How motivating and engaging the sessions were in meeting the needs of our Year One children, with the children gaining a lot of experience to develop their wellbeing in class and play.” 
These sessions were organised in conjunction with the PSHE curriculum and ‘Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week’. Each class has been supplied with further development materials to use  during circle time and PSHE lessons, we look forward to building on this at Garlinge.