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Garlinge Primary School and Nursery, Westfield Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 5PA

Ofsted Inspection
15th March 2018

I am extremely proud to share the findings from our Ofsted Short Inspection on 15 March which concludes Garlinge Primary School and Nursery continues to be a 'GOOD' school and 'pupils are nurtured at the school and thrive in the calm, orderly environment.

Please click here to view the report.

I hope you enjoy reading the report as much as I did.

J Williams


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Science is the systematic investigation of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the world which relies primarily on first hand experiences.

Science for our children means exploring, discovering and investigating the world around them, deepening and improving their understanding of concepts already held and challenging ideas put to them.

The main aspects of science to be studied at Garlinge Primary School and Nursery will be determined by the programmes of study of the National Curriculum and as identified in the key stage plans based on the Kent Scheme of Work for Science.


  • To develop pupils' enjoyment and interest in science and an appreciation of its contribution to all aspects of everyday life.
  • To build on pupils' curiosity and sense of awe of the natural world.
  • To use a planned range of investigations and practical activities to give pupils a greater understanding of the concepts and knowledge of science.
  • To introduce pupils to the language and vocabulary of science.
  • To develop pupils' basic practical skills and their ability to make accurate and appropriate measurements.
  • To develop pupils' use of information and communication technology (ICT) in their science studies.

Plastics Pollution 2018

 This year we have begun to think about plastics, how we use them in our everyday life, how they are made and of course the impact of plastic as a pollutant to the environment. As it is a very important issue currently being discussed and spoken about by many people including governments around the world and Sir David Attenborough, therefore we feel that at Garlinge we should find out more about it also. There has been some time in assemblies where both Keystages 1 and 2 have been shown some videos including those from Blue Planet II where David Attenborough first brought this important issue to the publics’ attention. As one of our school values is RESPECT we feel that the children will understand how we as a population of people have such a huge impact on the world’s oceans and environments and how we need to respect these areas as animals habitats and also as part of the world that we live in.

Each department and year group will spend at least a day each term where they will focus their learning around this important area. There may also be time where homework is set around this theme.

Fizz Pop Science 2017

Fizz Pop Science is a company who provide Science shows and workshops for Primary aged children, whose objective is "To make fun and inspiring science affordable and accessible to everyone". They are a team of scientists, teachers and actors who have a lot of experience when it comes to making Science fun, always ensuring that the wow factor is there for every child all of the time. We are fortunate enough to have them booked in to visit us throughout this term so that every year group can experience the fun and wow factor that Science can bring to our lives.

  • Year 6 - Nice Cold Ice Cold Show
  • Year 5 - Flying Without Wings Show
  • Year 4 - Lend Me Your Ear Workshop
  • Year 3 - Gross Guts Workshop
  • Year 2 - Crazy Chemists Workshop
  • Year 1 - What on Earth is that? Workshop
  • Year R and N - Rainbow Bubbles Show


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